India is at developing stage and its economic growth is leading to an increase in demand for more engineers, management graduates and many professionals which is also making it the largest higher education system in the world. The participation of Private sector is increasing. India aspires for 30% enrolment by 2020 in higher education.

Indian Government is taking a keen interest in education sector which is resulting in the opening of new schools and colleges in the remote area also. Free education system has motivated the lower section of society for education.

Our country is facing an acute shortage of faculty at higher education as there is gap between the demand and supply of talent. According to an estimate, there is need of 4.2 million teacher to teach 42 million students at the higher educational level.

We as INSPLORE are closely following this sector and are dynamically resolving the challenges of this sector. Institutes are taking help of consultants to recruit and retain the best talent so that the gap in the demand and supply of faculty can be reduced.

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